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Even More Short & Shivery
Robert D. San Souci
Recorded Books, Unabridged CD - Library Edition; C3559, $41.75. n.d.


Recorded Books (Recorded Books, LLC.)
Pull the curtains and scrunch down in your favorite chair. Get ready to travel around the world visiting a group of truly spine-tingling spooks in a continuation of Robert D. San Souciís best-selling series. This collection of 30 creepy tales will raise the hair on the back of your neck and send you scurrying to lock the doors. A dark-clad Persian woman fills her calendar with death. The Deadly Violin plays an unearthly, fatal tune. The Maggot and The Blood-Drawing Ghost creep over the countryside. They are part of a gruesome crowd of monsters, skeletons, and banshees from all over the world that is ready to have you howling with delight! These macabre legends and folktales have thrilled wide-eyed listeners for generations. Here they are read by a unique cast of four dramatic narrators, whose voices coax each moaning victim and lurching horror from the shadows. So donít wait; pop in the first tape--but leave the lights on. Also available: Short & Shivery (RB# 94403) and More Short & Shivery (RB# 94435). n.d., Recorded Books, Unabridged CD - Library Edition; C3559, $41.75. Ages 10 to 14.

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- 9781419372629
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