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Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH
Robert C. O'Brien ; Illustrated by Zena Bernstein
Atheneum. 1974


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Mrs. Frisby is a mouse who lives with her four children on a farm belonging to Mr. Fitzgibbon. Her husband, Jonathan, dies, leaving them all alone. When her son Timothy gets sick, she seeks help from Jonathan's old friend, Mr. Ages. But when her family's troubles grow worse, she is forced to ask for help in other, very frightening places. "Go ask the rats, the rats of NIMH" she is told. Mrs. Frisby bravely goes to the rats for help. What she gets is a strange story: the truth about the rats, the laboratory of NIMH, and her husband Jonathan's part in the strange adventure. Find out how Mrs. Frisby helps the rats of NIMH. Category: Adventure; Award Books; Fantasy. Grade Level: Intermediate (4th-6th grade). 1974, Atheneum. Ages 9 to 12.

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