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CLCD is used in hundreds of leading academic institutions as part of the Children's Literature and Early Childhood curriculum.

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Public Libraries

Libraries Worldwide rely on CLCD to make informed purchasing decisions, inform their patrons, for program enrichment and community outreach.

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Pre-K to 12 Schools

Pre-K to 12 Schools & School-districts around the world rely on CLCD to build better collections & enhance the curriculum with the best Children's and young-adult literature selections.

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Award Committees, Publishers & Others

Book sellers and library system suppliers rely on CLCD's depth of independent content to enrich the offerings to their customers and patrons.

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Themed Features


Diwali is the "festival of lights," the most important holiday of the Hindu year. It is a national holiday in India and a number of other countries, and is also celebrated adherents of other faiths. Oil lamps, fireworks, and strings of electric lights are lit to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness, which symbolizes the triumph of good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. This year, Diwali will be celebrated on October 23

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App of the Month

Yahoo News Digest

I'm a news junkie—and I don't mean 'junkie' in a good way. It is important to stay informed about current events, but I have a bad habit of spending too much time reading news that has no impact on my life. In order to stay informed while maintaining life balance, I am on a constant quest for the perfect news app. I found CNN to be too video-oriented. (I'm rarely in a place where I can watch videos, and I read much faster than they can talk.) Flipboard is beautiful, but it has no end. I found myself flipping and flipping until the wee hours of the morning, losing hours of precious sleep reading about the most unimportant things. I've tried Pulse and BBC News, but I was not impressed. NPR News and AP Mobile have their place, but the one app that has come closest to meeting my needs is Yahoo News Digest. Available for both iOS and Android, this is perhaps the perfect news aggregator for those who need to get the most important news in the least amount of time.

Twice a day, Yahoo servers update the app with a digest of eight or nine summaries of the most important news stories. According to the iTunes app store description:

  • Each story is created from multiple sources to present the essential bits and pieces of information, known as "Atoms". Atoms are key quotes, images, videos, stock tickers, maps, infographs, and Wikipedia excerpts among others. These atomic units provide a unique context to the news. Our stories are both algorithmically and hand curated to ensure high quality, and come with a textual summary.

The beauty of this app is that it has limits. The digests only arrive twice a day, so you don't find yourself going back to the app all throughout the day (or night) to check for updates. Since there are only a handful of stories in each digest, there is a point where you feel like you are "done" reading. After the summary, there are related tweets, background info, and links to other stories on the same subject, but none of the usual clickbait garbage that you find at the bottom of most internet articles. It's a beautifully designed app that gives you just enough news to keep you informed, then lets you get back to your life.

Author Features

R.J. Palacio

Her visit was presented by my favorite independent bookstore, Little Shop of Stories, who awarded Palacio their "Little Award" because her 2010 book Wonder got kids excited about reading.

Featured Articles

Five Things You Need to Know about the Learning Commons Model

This article is the first in a series highlighting the Learning Commons Model, a new way of organizing and constructing school libraries. It is important that anyone with a stake in the future of school libraries—current librarians, teachers, students, parents, future teachers and librarians, and patrons— understand what the learning commons is, what its primary functions are, what it means to you and your patrons, where it's headed, and how to get started.

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Quote of the Month

"Our education professors are thrilled with CLCD and all the features it offers. They are already planning out different ways they can use the database in their classes"

Janet L. Williams
Director of Library Services, Tabor College Hillsboro, KS

Search Tip of the Month

There are several ways to narrow a search to only the best books. One is to use the "Special Search Qualifiers" dropdown menu (on the Advanced Search screen) and limit to "Books that have won Awards & Honors Only." Another way is to perform a new search and add the word "starred" (or "starred review") to your keywords. This will pull in titles that got a starred review in Kirkus, Booklist or other review sources that use this designation. (Just be sure to remove the "Awards and Honors Only" limiter so that both search constraints aren't applied simultaneously.)

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